Thursday, February 10, 2011

DIY: Antique Lamp Makeover

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You may recall that I was struggling over whether to paint my great-grandmother's zig zag striped lamp from the 1950's or leave it as is.  Several of you said that she'd be glad that her lamp was being used in 2011, and to start the makeover.  Luckily, my family agreed and I bought some high gloss white spray paint and a small drum shade from Target.  I began painting this weekend and am really happy with the end result.

I think MawMaw Zoe would be proud of me.  The "new" lamp is pretty modern looking and will be in my house for a long time.  I'm considering shading between the zig zag lines with a tiny brush and gray paint, but worry about messing it all up and having to start over.

I'd also like to find a small, patterned shade that's affordable but so far everything I like is $60+.  If you know of any options to replace my $7.99 shade I'd love to see them!



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