Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Reader Request: Cruise Wear

This week I got a request from new mommy Shoe Addict who wants some chic, plus size options to wear to a destination wedding on a cruise ship in March.  First, I'd like to express my jealousy, then say that no matter what size you are I think your suitcase will need the same set of basics for a trip like this:

Dress for the wedding:
I like that the Curvy Plus options from ShopRuche.com are great because they don't differ very much from what's available in straight sizes.  Something beachy and casual should work for an on-ship ceremony.  Pair any of these with fun, dressy sandals and jewelry (but not noisy bangle bracelets, as I learned first hand!).

Outfits for On Boat Activities:
I've not been on a cruise, but from what I hear there's lots of eating and hanging out in lounge chairs and watching your kids swim.  I also imagine the boat will be going somewhere warm, so shorts will be a necessity.  I highly recommend the Old Navy Perfect Khaki Bermuda short.  I have two pairs myself and have seen plus size women rock them better than I do.  They also come in capri length, if you like that better.  These shorts look nice with flowy tops or tank tops and a few colors will last you all summer.

Speaking of tops, I would pack some layering pieces in case it gets cool at night or indoors, and definitely lots of bright color.  A unique tank can look good alone or under a thin cardigan, and you can make two outfits without having to pack more. (Not gonna lie, I've been known to wear a tank top alone the first day, then as a base layer under something else before I go home.  Packing is hard.)
Tank tops by Old Navy,  Ballet Wrap Sweater by Kiyonna

Cruise Ship Shows/Dinner Dress
I know that most ships have restaurants on board where you can leave your kids and have a romantic dinner.  Or you can watch a Reba impersonator sing country hits.  Either way, you need a fun dress that will pack well.  I like these options from Macy's because they're (mostly) made of jersey and will not require tons of ironing, and look like what everyone else will have on.

A Kickass Swimsuit
I've said it before, and will reiterate that the Esther Williams pinup style suits at Modcloth are the BEST thing out there for a curvy body type.  The price is a little high ($90) but the construction doesn't compare to the thin suits for sale at Target and Old Navy.  I have the one-piece in wine and feel so awesome wearing it.  However, be prepared to go up a size.

Hopefully this was helpful!  Remember you can email me if you want your own set of screenshots for a shopping or decor issues you're dealing with.


  1. THANKS!! You rock. I plan to show off my purchases later this week on my blog.

  2. Beautiful dresses and swimsuits!
    PS, I gave you a blog award over at my blog. http://erin--elizabeth.blogspot.com/2011/02/award.html



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