Friday, February 4, 2011

This jewelry is bananas!

If I ever get to meet the Banana Republic jewelry buyer, I will buy her a cocktail and follow her blog (if she has one) and give her a hug.  I don't think I've ever liked the tone of an accessories line more than I do the BR collections this year.  I'm calling the look edgy art deco, and I want it all... once it gets marked down of course.

And I'm not kidding about the markdowns.  Go on a sale weekend and dig through the box of clearance accessories - you just might get lucky.  I got this bracelet for $9.81 on Saturday!

Check back next week for another gift card giveaway from CSN Stores!


  1. That's a great deal! I've been trying to stay out of stores, but I really need to allow myself to keep up with the sale racks, because there are always great deals to be had...if I can limit myself to things I need!



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