Monday, February 28, 2011

Reader Request: Anthropologie Alternatives

Saying that Anthropologie is a cool store is as obvious as saying the sky is blue and water is wet.  I love wandering around longingly touching dresses I can't afford, and therein lies the problem.  This week I got an email from Kristi, who asked that I look for places that sell dresses of similar style to Anthropologie, but with lower prices.  As she pointed out, $298 for a dress is out of reach for many.  But what a cool looking dress it is...

Anthropologies has a pretty unique aesthetic, which is why they're so successful.  However, I think the most obvious source for similar style is Modcloth.  Here are some options that offer the same playful, graphic look.
Any Which Way Dress
Aftershock Dress
Unexpected Twist Dress

If Modcloth doesn't offer what you're looking for, you should check out Ruche, a similar site with a slightly girlier feel.  

If an almost endless selection doesn't scare you away, you should check out British retailer Asos, who just started shipping to the states.  There is a huge array of prices points, from $50 to $500 among hundreds of dresses.
Forever Unique One Shoulder Dress (ok, not much cheaper than Anthro, but I liked it)

Next, you can head over to Shabby Apple for some vintage inspired options that sometimes have an Anthro-style quirk
Baja Dress
Champs Elysees Dress (Looks nothing like the inspiration, but I love it)

For more Anthro style dresses, check out Tulle, Topshop, and (sometimes) French Connection. Hopefully this was helpful!


  1. The unexpected twist dress is soooo up my alley! it actually has the same pattern of flower my master bath does -- and i'm obsessed with it! <3

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  2. very helpful, thank you! i'm always in love with all things anthro but my wallet not so much :)

  3. Not feelin' the Anthro so much these days - with some of their pieces you have to be careful not to look too 'granny in sensible shoes'-ish. And the store has become so trendy/popular in the last 2 years that you also have to be very careful you don't accidentally commit the gravest fashion sin of all - showing up to an event wearing the same dress as another woman.

    But not to worry-- Haley to the rescue, with these amazing picks, as usual! The Tropical Getaway dress by Ruche is my fave of the bunch... but alas it is currently out of stock in every size (sad face).

  4. What a fun idea for a post! These dresses are cute, but I agree its hard to compete with that anthro dress- too bad they aren't slightly more affordable!

    I adore ASOS too! Lots of great finds!

  5. As much as I try to find Anthro alternatives, I always end up buying Anthro- thanks for the great suggestions!



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