Monday, February 21, 2011

Etsy Roundup!

Not gonna lie... I couldn't think of anything great to write about today.  After twenty minutes of aimless internet surfing, I decided to go with an old standby.  It's been a while since I've posted an Etsy round-up and since then, my list of Favorites has grown to include the shops below.  Check them out and share your favorite shops in the comments!

The Wallaroo
I just bought the teal print below to integrate into a collage of frames I'm making in my bedroom.  My husband is a software developer and my job is pretty techie as well, so it took me all of five seconds to click buy. 

I found this shop through another blog and Etsy seller, Tilly Maison.  I love the series of bird prints in this shop right now, and that the artist is a fellow Texan.  She also has textiles and scarves.

Speaking of Tilly Maison, her painted lucite trays have been featured all over the interweb and I would love to own one.  My current favorite is the cobalt blue striped version.

Valentina Design
I bought a set of the "She believed she could so she did" notecards for the girls in my life, and am also digging the intricate prints in this shop.

Feruto Bags
My husband and I share an iPad, so that means the case can't be too girly.  I'm loving the simple felt and leather designs in this shop.



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