Tuesday, July 26, 2011

5 Things...

Today I didn't really have a solid topic for a post (a late night at the baseball game will do that), but here are 5 quick things worth sharing:

1. This is one of the best tank tops I've purchased in a while.  I got mine for $10 over the weekend at Banana Republic, and it's the perfect length and not too tight or too loose.  Plus, the back has a zipper which is a fun detail when your hair is up. 

2.  I'll be 28 in a few weeks, and will be getting this necklace for the occasion.  Those of you who know me in real life will be seeing it a lot.  (My boss is better than yours.) 

3.  Did anyone else catch Secrets of a Stylist this week?  I like the new show format (one look), but the narrator is AWFUL.  I hope they change that up before this week's episode.  However, I thought the room was great and I liked that, for once, a designer worked with an existing sofa even if it wasn't something she'd pick for the room herself.  That's how real life decorating goes, and better than buying some cheapo alternative for looks alone.   That's my pet peeve on design shows - cheap or homemade sofas that don't look comfortable at all.  

4. Aren't these Nate Berkus lamps awesome?  I love how they have a mid-century vibe to them.  However, I really do not understand why lamps cost so much.  Everywhere I look there are $350-$700 lamps for sale, and clearly there is a big market for them. 

5. I will be a bridesmaid in a few weeks, and I think I'm going to do my hair this way.  I have really thick hair, so it doesn't stay up very well, and I have to be ready early in the morning so anything really elaborate is risky.  I'm considering using a bump-it, which is something I never thought I'd type.


  1. That hairstyle will look great! Love the necklace as well.

  2. I thought I was the only one that thought that about couches! I am FOREVER thinking on those shows "man I wouldn't be laying on that couch anytime soon".

  3. ooo, love the tank!! i've never tried a bump it, but i bet your hair would stay in place for longer!

  4. I lurveeee that necklace! I have been lusting over it and the one very similar to it with the peach colors for awhile. Waiting for it go on sale, though.

  5. J'Dore that necklace. I would wear it with everything! $10 for that tank... need to see if they have it at the store near me.

  6. That hairstyle will look beautiful on your hair! I really like the lamps as well! Can't wait to see that necklace on you, it's very pretty and the colours are stunning! You look so young, I'd never have guessed 28...

  7. GORGEOUS necklace! I'm on the hunt for big statement jewelry like that! Such lovely colors in that one.

  8. pre birthday congrats and wow that necklace is lovely!!!! xxx and below I'm an addict of tru blood too got love that style

  9. cute necklace! and im in love with that lamp!! i cant wait to start registering for stuff ;) xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams



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