Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Dream Decorating: Modern Beach House

Ever since I spent a weekend out of town at the lake, I've been dreaming about a day (in the faaaaar distant future) when I could have a beach house and decorate it so that there is not a sailboat picture in sight.  I don't usually like rooms with an obvious theme, so I started playing around and gathering pieces that suggest a coastal vibe like the Charley Harper prints and brass urchin, but fall far short of decorating with ropes, anchors, and hurricane vases full of seashells in case someone forgets that they're at the beach.

Here's what I would put together if I had enough money laying around for a second home on the water:

couch, chair, rug, coffee table, lamp, pillow, pillow, coral, urchin (no longer available), map

Where would you buy a vacation home if that kind of purchase were in the cards?  I'd definitely be on a beach in California or maybe the Outer Banks.  But before then, I need a vacation!


  1. lovely!! those colors are too pretty. i think i would buy a vacation home in utah - i just love the mountains and skiing too much :)

  2. ahh i would lOVE to have a beach house too...or maybe a apt or small house in paris for a month out of the summer?! just dreaming... xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  3. Love your inspiration board!! Let me know when you get your beach house, I'm coming over!

  4. I hear ya, girl! Vacation it is. (c: I just love Schumacher fabrics pretty much in general...they have the *best* prints and colors! I'm coming over to your beach house, btw, 2025...that should give you some time to pull it together! hehehe...

  5. Love the beach house look !! I love the brass urchin...just got a few of them !


  6. Love this look! My parents recently retired and moved to what I guess you could consider a beach style house... they've had a very hard time redecorating as our old house's style was definitely not beach appropriate!

  7. I have to consider myself very lucky as I own a place in the heart of the city in Philadelphia and also a place 3 miles from the beaches in jersey HOWEVER...I have always longed for a house literally right on the beach...walk out of my back porch and into the water....that would be AMAZING...I would also need to hit the megamillion in order to make that a reality.
    Oh well...a girl can dream...

  8. We're going Friday to Delaware to my in-law's beach house - it has a charmingly tacky lighthouse motif that cracks me up. Yours is so lovely!!

  9. love this. My home is decorated somewhat beachy and it makes me feel like i'm on vaca!



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