Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Let's play.... What's in your purse?

Lately I've received a few emails from readers asking that I write a post about what's in my purse, and since I just got a new one, I decided to take a picture and play along.  You'll see that like many others, I carry a big purse most of the time.  I like being able to carry all that I need, but I try to be disciplined about not carrying around more than I actually use since it's easy to end up with a 10 pound handbag!

Here's what I carried around today (excuse the bad photo, I don't own a nice camera):

1. Cole Haan Large Village Hobo - I love how sturdy Cole Haan bags are, and I look forward to carrying this one for years.  I have a similar style in black and it looks as good as it did when I purchased it in 2006.

2. Banana Republic Zip Wallet - This is where the junk ends up.  I carry lots of cards from various stores, and a bonanza of unnecessary receipts until I get fed up and clean it all out.

3. iPod Touch with Candy Shell Case - I keep headphones at work and like being able to escape the noise of the office.  This week, I'm listening to the new Matt Nathanson album over and over and loving it.

4. Extra Dessert Delights Gum in Mint Chocolate Chip - Best gum ever.  I don't even like this flavor of ice cream, but love this gum.  It tastes like an Andes mint.

5. Stila Lip Glaze and an "inky pen" - This lip gloss stays on for hours and I bought a pack of 8 at Costco for $25 last year.  I hate ballpoint pens.

6. Bath & Body Works Hand Sanitizer and Office Badge

7. Makeup in a Coach Cosmetics Bag - I got this makeup bag for being in a wedding and I love that it's not too big to carry every day.  I end up applying makeup either in the parking garage at work or at my desk, so I keep the basics at hand all the time.  They are:
Items missing, but sometimes included are: Sunglasses (they live in the car), a notebook for client meetings, Zyrtec, and the phone I used to take that photo.

Does your purse look like mine?  What's the strangest thing that you've found yourself carrying around all day?


  1. Fun! Now my bag is an Eagle Creek backback diaper bag... I put all of my personal items in a wristlet I got on Etsy and stash it in the top of the backpack. That way I can just pull it out if I'm not going out with the baby.

    *two pens
    *iPod nano (for the car)
    *iPod touch
    * Clinique lipstick
    * sparkly "botanical berry" Chapstick
    * Smart phone with bulky cover so I don't break it when I drop it
    * 9 million receipts

    Sunglasses live by the door with my keys

  2. fun! i usually carry a small notebook, my phone, keys, wallet, chapstick, ipod shuffle ;) xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  3. That looks like a great purse! I am definitely all about bags that last for a while :)

    For a while I had a small umbrella in my purse (we had been getting a lot of rain) that I had sort of forgot was in there until I decided to go through things because it felt so heavy...hmm wonder why?!

  4. love it - I definitely have a full purse too... I think the weirdest thing I have had in my purse is probably glowsticks [when a storm was coming in case we lost power in the buildings at work] - gotta love working in crisis response!

  5. Love the color of that handbag..and yes Cole Haan does make a nice one:)
    Your bag is so ORGANIZED...I have a big carryall and it has so much SH*T in is ridiculous...I guess that is what mommyhood does to you...but I will be out and about (without my son) and pull a freaking diaper out of my purse....dear lord.

  6. Love the new purse! Random things I carry around... hmm... definitely random dog toys and poop bags so pretty much a dog mom diaper bag, haha.

  7. Hmmm....mine looks so *dirty* compared to yours! And filled with crapola, my kiddos make darn sure of lip gloss usually gets pillaged by my 2 year old and my 4 year old sticks all his extra toys in there's awesome.

  8. i've got to get some of that gum!! yum.

  9. I am definitely a minimalist, keys, sunglasses, ipod, wallet, lucky charms my mom insists that I carry, and mints! BTW....SO glad to see you like the Desserts Sensation gum because I work for Wrigley :)



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