Friday, July 29, 2011

Orange you glad it's summer?

I think that some colors, while pretty on a variety of people, look especially great on brunettes.  I am loving the look of orange clothing and accessories against my own hair, and have quickly accumulated several orange pieces in my closet.  Here are some examples of more orange pieces I'd happily add to my collection. 

The fish is an ode to my dorm room pets, Chandler and Monica, the smelliest goldfish ever to live at Texas A&M University.


I'm also loving pops of orange in interiors, even though my own home is full of cooler tones.  Perhaps I should consider a switch?

I think the second room is my favorite.  It even made me consider buying horse photos for about ten minutes. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!  I'm going to do lots of housework and watch movies... with maybe just a teeny bit of shopping thrown in.  ;-) 


  1. I love those shoes you picked- and these rooms are gorge!

  2. I need to wear more orange--it's just such a bold color that I sometimes shy away from it! I love that you named your fish Chandler and Monica and I love those coral stools in that first room!

  3. i haven't always been a fan of orange, but i think im warming up to the color! i love that first dress you picked out! xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  4. I have been in love with orange lately...hehehe, Chandler and're not by chance a Friends fan, are ya? (c: I'm with you on the colors in my house, all of them are more cool tones but I'm always attracted to the warmer ones. What is *up* with that???

  5. I tend to stay away from orange, not sure why as it's such a pretty color.
    All these pictures make me love it even more.

  6. Love orange, especially those fun shorts paired with the chambray shirt! ;)

  7. HAHAHA - best pet names EVER!! have a great weekend :)

  8. one day, I must have those coral stools. I actually saw some like that in a store the other day and couldn't take my eyes off of them. They are beautiful!

  9. love orange too! I'm pale and it brings so much color to my skin!

  10. Love all the picks...Orange is FABULOUS...perfect for summer w white and turquoise and also equally as fab in the fall paired w chocolates and camels.
    Thanks for sharing...
    I REALLY want that orange cardi:)

  11. I am also loving a little pop of orange right now!! I just bought an orange cardigan today in anticipation for the fall :)



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