Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Copycat Style: Suzy Bishop (Moonrise Kingdom)

This weekend I was excited to hear that my family had no strong opinions regarding what to do on Saturday afternoon, because I was able to drag everyone to what I wanted all along - watch Moonrise Kingdom and eat dinner at The Porch in Dallas. 

I am a Wes Anderson fan, so I thought the movie was great.  It's quite simply a beautifully shot film, with fun period details from the mid 1960s.  The story focuses on 12 year olds Suzy and Sam and their plan to run away together, and even my husband and brother in law enjoyed it.  (This article about the actors who played Suzy and Sam is really cute, too)

I especially loved the mod/prepster style of the costumes, and Suzy's dresses really made me want to bust out some blue eyeshadow, saddle shoes and find a mini dress with a big collar and cuffs. 

 Luckily, the internet is really helpful in that regard.

60s mod dresses

I couldn't find an exact copy, but I'm sure they'll be on Etsy in a couple of weeks!

P.S. I love that Wes Anderson had the child actors and actresses do their own hair and makeup so it would look authentic. How fun is that?


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