Thursday, June 7, 2012

Fighting Wrinkes (Stylishly, Of Course)

I'm very unlucky in that my skin is prone to cancer instead of suntans.  It runs on both sides of my family, and I've visited the dermatologist twice a year since I was 14 for skin checks and probably two dozen biopsies that have left me marked with lots of little scars on my arms and back.  (First world problem, I know... my first rate medical care is not convenient.)  One of the only positive side effect of this situation is a nice relationship with my dermatologist, who happily answers my various skin questions as she removes the suspicious spots.

Since summer is upon us, I thought I'd share the best, most obvious tip she's given for warding off wrinkles and premature crows feet (besides sunscreen, of course)... wear you sunglasses ALL THE TIME.   The skin around your eyes is thin, and squinting causes wrinkles.  Big, dark sunglasses cut down on this reflex as well as keep that delicate skin out of direct sunlight. I've heeded this advice for years, and rock my glasses even on overcast days, and think it has helped.

Source: via Sally on Pinterest

And this wouldn't be a fashion blog without some examples.  Bigger is better in terms of blocking light, and luckily this trend is back in full force:  

Your best protection against wrinkles

Stella mccartney sunglasses
$225 -

Kate Spade cat eye sunglasses
$128 -

Kate Spade oversized sunglasses
$128 -

Cole haan sunglasses
$78 -

Cole Haan black sunglasses
$150 -

My favorite pair is, tragically, made by Stella McCartney and very much overpriced for what they are.  However, I have not given up hope that there will be some sort of freak sale and they will be mine.  I'd be so freaking glamorous, I tell you!

And in case you're curious, here are more skin care tips that I have gathered from my nervous chatter on the operating table
  • Cera Ve cleanser and moisturizer is amazing and keeps your skin soft.  It's fairly cheap, and I get big bottles at Target to refill my pair of soap dispensers.
  • You do not need to feel "squeaky clean" after you wash your face!  This is not a good sign, it means you went overboard.
  • Look for broad spectrum sunscreens, and consider some with zinc oxide if you'll be out all day.  It's clear now, and you won't look like an early 90s beach volleyball player.
  • Spring for the tinting on your car windows, if you can.  It blocks light, and if you spend lots of time in the drivers seat, every little bit of protection helps.  You can get sunburned through the window of a car!
  • Wash your pillowcase more than your sheets!  (I buy extra ones because I am lazy)
  • Do not trust some business you found on Groupon to perform laser hair removal on your body without thorough research into the lasers used and the person performing the service.  An unqualified technician can cause serious burns, even scarring!
What's your secret to good skin?  


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