Monday, June 11, 2012

True Blood Recap: Episode 1

Good morning!  I hope you all had a great weekend.  Mine was wonderful, and I got to see my sister finish her second half marathon, which she ran to raise money for K9s for Wounded Warriors, an organization that turns rescued dogs into service dogs for injured veterans.  I'm pretty proud of her, and hope some other people discover what great work the group is doing.

And now, for the real topic of the blog post today, where it becomes even more obvious what I nerd I am.

Warning, if you haven't yet watched the True Blood premiere, you'll want to stop reading.  I've decided that since few things entertain me more than being an HBO geek, I shall start sharing my thoughts on each True Blood episode for the 9 of you who will want to read it.  Is this blog traffic suicide?  Perhaps.  Do I care?  Nope!

Here we go!

I love me some Eric (I mean, Ike Applebaum), and I hope this whole screwing his sister Nora in a freight container not 24 hours after wanting to be with Sookie forever is some sort of tactic to keep himself safe.  However, he probably hasn't faced much rejection since the year 900 so I doubt he knows how to deal with it.  That said, I did enjoy the scenery, and now we know that Eric wears black briefs under those jeans.  Bill seemed to just be along for the ride in this episode, and I hope he gets a good story arc this year.  Obviously The Authority will be one of the main villains this season, and I'm interested to see how Russell plays into it all because he cracks me up.

I just wanted to jump into the TV and give Lala a hug this week.  Poor guy has been through a lot, and on top of that he had to scoop Debbie brains off the floor instead of grieving.  I hope he has a purpose this year, and the disappearance of Jesus is not another ominous event.  But this is True Blood, and it probably is. 

I loved Sookie's admission that she chose to kill Debbie, and I hope she struggles with it and does more than stomp around trying to save people this year and have some feelings (and perhaps more gratuitous Eric hookups as part of her ominous promise to reunite him and Pam).  I wanted her to tell Alcide what happened, but I'm sure he'll find out in a much more dramatic way later and perhaps save her from TARA THE VAMPIRE!  I had a feeling that would happen in an episode called "Turn, Turn, Turn" and I loved that Pam did it, and that she wore a lemon yellow Walmart sweatsuit with butterflies on it.  I wholeheartedly agree that nothing screams team spirit like fashion sacrifices and dirt in your bra.

The whole werewolf/Sam faceoff looks promising, and I was happy to see Alcide stride in to save the day while Marcus' parents ATE HIS BODY!  Wtf mate?  I liked seeing Sam refuse to sell Alcide out, and I hope they continue their partnership but not let Sam get hurt anymore.

 Can you imagine being Jason Stackhouse and being propositioned by three people (well, one person and two vampires) in 8 hours? I love that Steve Newlin is some sort of country club fabulous vampire, but I hope he doesn't get a storyline of his own because it sounds like we'll have plenty to keep up with and Jason can be part of Jessica's college party girl experience and save Sookie from something.  I also hope Hoyt gets some screen time with his crazy mother, and I can't wait to see why he's wearing eyeliner in the trailer for this season!

I am super pumped to see Noel from Felicity (I know his name is Scott Foley but he will forever be a dreamy RA to me) on the show, and I am really interested to see what drove Terry to crazy.  The slew of fires sounds like foreshadowing to something bad, and maybe it will be Andy's chance at redemption to save him after caving to corruption.  He and Holly are cute, though. 

So, what did you think?!  Is it what you hoped, or do you sense some shark-jumping on the horizon?  Tell me!


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