Thursday, June 21, 2012

Mass Market Maxi Skirts

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Truth be told, I am a fan of any outfit where leg shaving is optional.  I also like looking feminine but not too fancy, which means I should be wearing maxi skirts all summer long. 

Look how well these ladies do it!

Source: via Laura on Pinterest

However, I have trouble with this trend because I'm short and it's not recommended that anyone's skirt drag the ground as they traipse through the office.  Plus, I'm pretty curvy and unless the skirt waist hits just right, it looks like my body goes straight from boobs to hip with no waist in between. 

Luckily, I'm nothing if not persistent when it comes to shopping and have found lots of cheap options at the major chain stores so I can avoid making an investment until I know I'll wear it often. 

mass market maxis 2

mass market maxis 2

I'm really drawn to the green options, as well as the bright poppy orange skirt from Kohl's.  Hopefully I can find it in stock and give it a whirl (literally and figuratively)!

Are you a fan of long skirts, or is it a little too Amish lady for your tastes?  Tell me!


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