Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I'm Impressed, Ivanka! + True Blood Chatter

I think I'm probably stating the obvious when I say that most celebrity fashion lines are usually a joke.  The Olsen Twins and Nicole Richie aside, most model/actresses don't actually design the items with their names on them, and merely look over the finished products to make sure the line doesn't contain anything they'd be embarrassed to wear.  That said, I was not paying much attention to Ivanka Trump's foray into career-minded footwear until I stumbled across these babies on Polyvore:

Ivanka shoes 1

Ivanka shoes 2

Ivanka branched out, y'all!  I was expecting to see sensible round toe pumps, and definitely not aqua chevron wedge sandals.  At this point, I don't care who designed these... I want some.  The price is a little high for me ($100-150) but there are currently 732 pairs on eBay.  Someone just created a new saved search...

And now for the reason why about 10 of you clicked through from Blogger:

We have now spent 1/4 of True Blood Season 5 waiting for something really big to happen. 

We get that Tara doesn't want to be a vampire, and we've seen her run around angry for 3 episodes now.  Sookie and Lala chase her around, and now we are to believe she's going to die in a tanning bed.  Obviously Pam is going to save her and be a responsible maker, and I hope that is the start of something entertaining. 

Speaking of Pam, I love the scene where she was made.  I think that her forcing Eric to turn her was really genius of the writers, and it adds a new layer of interest to their relationship and hers with Tara (probably).  Also, that kimono was gorgeous - too bad it got all bloody.  However, I think it was far too much of a coincidence that Bill and Lorena just happened to be there eating some whores.

Jason and his teacher getting it on when he was a student explains SO much.  I hope he gets a chance to have a decent story arc and be more than comic relief or a victim, because up until now I don't think anyone ever really thought he was capable of actual feelings.  Here's hoping he and Hoyt patch things up before Hoyt cuts his wrists and listens to some emo.

I don't know about y'all, but it seems like Salome is the mole within the Authority but they make it a little too obvious so I am skeptical.  I think Nora's confession was probably genuine, but how Salome realized that Bill and Eric are true mainstreamers based on sex is beyond me.

Terry's story line doesn't seem to fit with the others, but maybe it will tie together in the end?  And why must we introduce the faeries?  There is enough going on, Alan Ball!

I really liked the scene at the very end with Sookie and Alcide.  It was well done, even though her southern drawl faded out when she got really emotional.  On real southern people (this one, anyway), the opposite seems to hold true.

So, what did you think?!


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