Friday, June 14, 2013

5 Things Friday

Happy Friday, internet!  It has been a long week in the world of marketing and I need a break.  And some wine.  And some sleep.

Until then, here are five things worth sharing on the internet:

1. The ladies of Pinterest sure do love these chairs, and so do I.  I want some leopard upholstery in my life, but I'm not sure where to work it in.  A question to ponder, for sure.  (Here's where to order the fabric).  The blogger who owns them is pretty awesome, too.  Check out From the Right Bank!

2. I want a little girl one day, so she can dress up like this.

3. Earlier this week I discovered the blog Averie Cooks and fell in love.  This lady can bake, and I can't wait to try her recipe for cinnamon donuts in a mini muffin pan.

4. I also discovered the blog Snow & Graham, created by Ebony Snow Chafely who runs a company by the same name.  She has amazing taste and mad skills.  She painted these floral prints herself and I want to buy them.  

5.  How hot are these two?  I still love them - maybe as much as Ross and Rachel, or Eric and Sookie.  (It comes back on Sunday!! Wheeee!)

If there are any fellow Truebies out there, let me know!  I enjoy speculation and discussing episodes.

And with that, I bid you good weekend!


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