Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Things I do not love.

Perhaps I am becoming an old lady (the big 3-0 is eight weeks away!), but when I was trying to compile a post about trends that I like, I ended up finding more that I don't like.  So now you get to read about those, and some pet peeves for good measure!

(And when you're done, hop over to Fleur de lis & Football to read my best marriage advice for the lovely Erin while she's away on her honeymoon!)

1. If you are not careful, those trendy high waist pants and rompers can make your butt look a foot long or give you a perma-wedgie.  You'd think this would be obvious, but the women of the mall on Saturday suggest otherwise.

2. For some reason, fashion magazines continue to insist that dressy shorts are appropriate for work, and I'm sure some misguided interns experience a very uncomfortable day at the office as a result of this.  For the record, unless other people are doing it and you're positive that it's ok, it probably isn't a good idea.


3. Sometimes a messy braid looks like a mistake.

4. I like a good accent nail or simple design, but I think the whole nail art trend is getting a little ridiculous.

5. Excessive quotation marks are the bane of my grammatical existence.  It's even worse when I think about how this will bother me forever because Americans are certainly not getting better at writing in English.  (Clearly, I need this book

6.  I am almost equally annoyed by the misuse of apostrophes by working adults.  They do not denote plurality, and aren't necessary when printing a family surname on your holiday cards.  This, too, will bother me until I'm an old woman.

So, are there are any trends that you really don't like?  Any silly pet peeves like my grammar nazi tendencies?  Discuss amongst yourselves!


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