Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Ye Annual White Jeans Post + My Summer Uniform

Every year around this time, I get a few questions about white jeans.  I get it - they can be scary.  If worn improperly, a normal size person looks lumpy with visible panty lines, which is not a good look.

However, there is plenty of hope for those of us without inner thigh clearance or protruding hip bones!  White jeans can look great on any body shape, if you know what to look for:
  • Go for thicker denim without tons of stretch - Stretchy denim tends to be thinner than the regular stuff and that makes it harder to achieve a smooth line from waist to thigh.  Because white doesn't camouflage uneven surfaces like dark blue denim does, it can draw attention to things you're not used to seeing.  Even the outline of your pockets will stick out if the fabric isn't good enough.  However, denim with a nice medium weight will hold you in just fine! 
  • Be prepared to go up a size, at least - For the aforementioned reasons, tight white denim does not look good.
  • Know the difference between fitted and tight - If you cannot easily pinch the fabric and you have lines emanating from your crotch and across the backs of your thighs, the jeans are too tight. (Here is an example of what not to do)
  • Slim cut or straight legs look best - Since we're doing everything we can not to add bulk, stay away from too much excess fabric from the thighs down. 
  • Get thee some nude seamless boy shorts or thongs - It's mandatory.

And here are some really simple ways to wear them.  It's not rocket surgery!:

But since I'm honest with you guys, here's how I wear mine most of the time (FYI - Converse Shoreline shoes are so freaking comfortable.  They're made to be slipped on, and have fewer eyelets so they look better with shorts):

Have you found a great style of white jeans?  Please share in the comments and describe how they fit!


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