Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Fun With Pinterest: A Mood Board of Me

I mentioned on Monday that I'm preparing to commission a blog redesign, and I'm really excited about it.  I've been browsing portfolios and deciding who to approach, and I recently put together a summary of what I'm looking for a in a design.

The funnest part of this process was carving at the time to sit down and actually look at the 2,171 images that I've pinned on Pinterest. (That number has probably risen by the time you read this!)  I clipped the ones that I felt were "me" and put them together to make this collage:

It's really cool to look at hundreds of images that you love all in one place, and I highly recommend it.  Once I saw everything all together, it's clear that I love me some leopard, gold, rich browns and pops of pink, green and teal.  Good to know!  If you've got time to step back and examine your style, I highly recommend it!

Now let's play a game:  If you could pick one (or more) images to represent your style, what would they be?


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