Monday, June 24, 2013

How Not to Look Fat in Loose Clothing

Happy Monday, internet!  I had a busy weekend full of housework, which was oddly satisfying, and am now ready for another busy week and N's 31st birthday on Thursday.  I also loved seeing all the comments on my old lady rant about trends and grammar - I"m glad it's not just me feeling that way!

Before that post, I'd shared some hot weather style tips and got a few questions about how to wear loose fitting clothing without looking as though they don't fit or that you're larger than you really are.  I put together a few examples of how to do this because it can be tricky, but such a lifesaver if you want to avoid body conscious pieces and be comfortable.

My rule of thumb when going loose is to always showcase one part of your body at actual size to send a visual cue that even though the clothes may be flowy, you're not shaped like a giant rectangle.  This works for petite and plus sized women alike!

Here are a few examples:

What's your favorite way to let loose?  Seen any great pieces in store lately?  Let us know in the comments!

P.S. I'm seriously loving the blue floral maxi, and just found a code online (WAL10) to get $10 off plus free shipping, for a grand total of $51. So tempting!


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