Friday, October 11, 2013

5 Things Friday

Happy Friday, internet! I hope y'all are about to enjoy a long weekend like I am, although I'm not quite sure what I'll do with my free Monday since my husband's company doesn't offer many holidays and he has to work.  Any suggestions?  A White Queen marathon on Starz On Demand?

While I decide, here are five things worth sharing on the internet:

1. Isn't this $7.99/yd Ikea fabric so pretty?  You could make pillows, or just frame panels of it and fake some West Elm-ish art. 

2. N and I want to take a long weekend babymoon in early November, but aren't sure where to go.  We've been to Chicago, Seattle, San Francisco, and New Orleans and want to visit somewhere new, but I'll be about 22-23 weeks pregnant so winery tours and bars are out.  We are considering Charleston and Portland, but would love some opinions. We like eating, museums, and some light hiking would probably be ok unless I suddenly stop feeling great and exercising.  Thoughts?

3. I made these zucchini tots this week, and they were so easy and delicious!  Next time I'll be adding more zucchini and a little less onion, but I foresee them being a recurring addition to my limited menu of dinner items.

4. If you are in need of a New Year's Eve dress, I would try this one before it sells out.  The price is right, and the style offers enough coverage for winter weather and will look great with tights.

5.  I was clicking through blogs this week and saw this book mentioned, and instantly remembered reading it and loving it when I was in the 3rd grade.  If any of you have daughters (or sons), I highly recommend it.  Hitty: Her First Hundred Years was originally published in 1929 and is still compelling 84 years later.  (P.S. Be sure you get the original text, and not the updated version for kids with no attention span or vocabulary)

Bonus 6th Thing!  This print is bananas!  And it's from Spoonflower, so it's affordable and you can get it printed on all kinds of fabric or even wallpaper.  I'm really hoping Baby D is a girl so it can go in a nursery.

 Jungle Passion by Joan McLemore

Have a great weekend!


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