Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Real Life: Things I Don't (Want to) Care About

You know how I said you may see more personal content on this blog now? Well, lucky for you, it starts now.  This is the start of a recurring feature that I'm going to use as an outlet for writing about what's on my mind as I approach some crazy life changes, or less serious things like TV.

Now that you're up to speed, right now I have been thinking about some advice I got from my grandma.  I was going on about work and all the other things on my plate, and she told me "you can't care about everything - you'll go crazy" and she is totally right.  So, here are some little things I've decided not to worry about, and I'm so much better for it:

1. Blog Stats - Did you know that if you get overwhelmed at work and then spend a week in Europe without the posts you planned to prepare in advance, you can lose 30% of your readership?  It's true, and it takes a lot of outfit collages to get it back.  I was sad at first, but when I decided not to look at the Stats tab, blogging got fun again.  I will never have the time to make this site a part time job, but I love that it's become a record of some of the best years of my life and I plan to keep it up.  Even if it starts to feature baby photos and maternity style advice.

 Still worth every lost reader.

2. Repeating Outfits - According to Nina Garcia, style goddess, style has nothing to do with the quantity of things in your closet.  It's about how you mix them, and make choices that are flattering and appropriate for your event.  The idea that people are watching me and keeping track of what they've seen before is ridiculous, when I think about it objectively.  So, as I face several months of limited options, I've decided to quite kidding myself and wear what fits well and makes me feel good.

She knows what she's talking about - just look at the fit of that blazer!

3. Twitter - I've never liked Twitter very much, and I don't think I'm going to do it anymore aside from responding to people who are nice and tweet at me.  

4. Things That Don't Make Me Happy - I know this is easier said than done, but I've started making myself take breaks at work and get some perspective.  I cut back on the overtime, and lo and behold, my life got better and my work performance hasn't suffered.  I was bringing almost all the stress upon myself at the expense of time spent doing things I love like reading, putting in a good workout, and just being with my husband in the 5 child-free months we have left.  If I were less intelligent, I would say my motto is "YOLO", but I'll go with "Carpe Diem" instead. 

Getting enough sleep makes me happy, too. 



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