Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Maternity Style: The First Trimester

I completely agree with my doctor who says that the first 4 months of pregnancy are just lame.  You may not feel great, and your body starts changing, but you don't yet have the obvious baby belly that makes everything feel real.  I personally just look like I got a little bit fat, and it's not fun. 

However, I decided to approach my maternity style experience as a challenge and so far it's been easier than I thought thanks to a few smart purchases, existing basics, and acceptance of my shape. 

Here are the pieces that have gotten me to 19 weeks (as of today!) and the lessons I've learned:

Buy maternity jeans on eBay and wear them as soon as you need them
I scored two new pairs of Gap skinny jeans for about $24 each, and have been wearing them nonstop since about the 12 week mark.  I did not like securing my jeans with a ponytail holder, and it made for a bumpy silhouette that looked terrible on me.  The way I see it, I'm dressing my current body and since I did not pay much for the pants, I will have gotten my moneys worth even if I outgrow them in month 6-7.  It's better than 5 months of ill-fitting jeans when I can wear them to work and everywhere else. 

Don't forget about tailoring
Like with straight sized clothing, a little tweak to a seam or a hem can make a world of difference.  I noticed that lots of maternity jeans have wider legs than I need, so I had a pair of my jeans taken in at the knees of all places and now they look great.

Pair a loose top with fitted bottoms
Wearing oversize clothing on top and bottom just makes you look large.  In my case, I'd look like a refrigerator if I wore wide legged pants and a boxy top like the Old Navy flannel.  However, when paired with my skinny gray pants and some wedges, it's perfect for my casual office and disguises my changing shape.  (Side note: These maternity jeans from Topshop are the BEST, but the gray isn't online.  I highly recommend them!)

Layer long tanks under shirts that are getting too short
This season, my cardigan collection is getting lots of use.  I have been layering Target Merona tanks (they're perfectly long and thick) under long-ish cardigans, which is possible thanks to my sweet maternity jeans not making my waistline lumpy.

I have been going nuts with necklaces and scarves along with basic v-neck tees, and not giving a damn about repeating the outfit. 


For all the mommies out there - what's your maternity style secret? 


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