Monday, October 7, 2013

Pushing My Style Boundaries: Wedge Ankle Booties

This weekend I was super productive.  I ran a list full of errands, including WalMart on a Saturday, which reminded me why I don't go there very often. This emotional pregnant lady walked past the fish tanks looking for dog beds and teared up a little at the abysmal state of the tanks and all the dead and dying fish.  Today I'll be calling the store manager, who probably hears this often and doesn't care.

As a reward for surviving retail hell, I went across the street to Target where aisles have labels and the employees don't stare at you like cows when you ask where to find the under bed storage bins.  I wasn't planning on getting any shoes, but this pair caught my eye and I tried them on:

They don't make my feet look like hooves (a common ankle bootie problem that you'll notice everywhere now that I've pointed it out).  The quality seems decent - they're not a shoe I expect to wear for years, and I'm not looking to invest $79 - $150 in a comparable style.  However, I need a little inspiration and some closet shopping time to convince myself to keep them. [10/9/13 Update: I've decided to take these back after wearing them around my house. The angle of the wedge hits my foot in an odd place. The hunt will continue!]

Here's the first part of that process:

image via Lands End Canvas (not current)

At the moment, I think these little boots will be a cute addition to my dark denim, gray, black, and olive green maternity pants (how versatile!) and a great alternative to ballet flats and smoking slippers this fall.  Plus, my office is casual, and any of the outfits above are more than adequate. Purchase justified?


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