Friday, August 6, 2010

Getting the most out of $100: Decor

I like Canadian decorating shows better than the ones on American television because they don't try to make everything themselves out of particle board and frame wrapping paper as art.  I am all for saving money on decor, but don't want it to look like everything in my house is about to fall apart because I made it myself.

I've been shopping around a lot and have found some great items for around $100 that I think could be used for years.  I don't need all of them, but maybe some of you will:

Montego Bookcase (Small - $79, Large - $99)
I love the look of these bookcases.  They've very chic and are not the kind of piece that will get beaten up a lot (unless you have a library or something?) so they should look nice for a long time for very little money compared to comparable items.

X End Table - $99
I think this little table would work in a guest room as a night stand or in the living room as an end table

Studio Glass Cylinder Table Lamp- $89
I've mentioned it before, but I have no idea why lamps are all $200.  This one looks just like some other lamps that are about $90 more.  It's very classic and can easily fit it to lots of different rooms.

Linen Dining Chair - $129 for 2
I think these chairs would be great with our table (as head chairs) or as one of those living room accent chairs that rarely get sat in, just add a funky throw pillow.  The shape is never going to look dated, and they can go with most styles of dining table or decor unless you like country or traditional stuff.
Dwell Studio Coverlets - $79
Duvet covers can be around $60 for 200 thread count cotton, and you still need a comforter to put inside them.  That can get expensive, especially if you don't even use it to cover up with most nights or it's going to sit in a guest room and be used 10 times per year.   I found my Dwell quilt at Target for $79 and it can be layered over a solid comforter (try JCP for cheap options) so make the room look modern for much less than more elaborate bedding.


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