Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Reader Request: Afternoon Wedding Guest Dress

When I put out my last call for requests, I got two asking about what to wear to weddings this summer, fall and winter.  I gave it lots of thought, especially since my own wedding is quickly approaching, and realized most of us do not attend so many weddings that we need a whole collection of dresses for each season.  Instead, I want to show how the right dress can work throughout the year for different kinds of weddings.  Today I focused on dresses for an afternoon ceremony and reception.  You want a short dress that doesn't look like you'd wear it to work, but nothing too over the top.  Easy, right?

First, I think that a sheath dress in a jewel tone like sapphire blue, deep purple, or emerald green can be worn year round.  Just because the wedding is in June doesn't mean you need to wear pink or sky blue.  Pairing the same dress with sandals and colorful jewelry looks summery, while adding a wrap and pumps and a bib necklace make it fit in when the weather is colder.  (Bonus: this cut will never look dated and is very forgiving)

If you prefer a strapless look, the same rules apply.  Pick something in a study fabric that's not too thin (not cotton) and you can wear it year round.  However, I'd stay away from satin or you might look a little overdressed (or like a bridesmaid). 

Later this week, I'll show what to wear for an evening ceremony regardless of the season.  What's your go-to wedding dress?  Mine is a light navy sheath dress with a slightly low back by Banana Republic Heritage Collection.  It's 3 years old and I get tons of compliments every time I wear it throughout the year. 


  1. I wish I had a go-to wedding dress. This has been the year of weddings for us; we're in our early 30's so seeing lots of 2nd marriages. Loving your suggestions!

  2. Hello there! Good wedding dress stuff, do inform us when you post something like this! Thank you.



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