Friday, August 27, 2010

Where are they now: Clarissa Darling

Earlier this summer I showed what the Baby Sitters Club would be doing (and wearing) now and now thanks to Facebook, my friend I started thinking about the awesome shows we watched in 1992 and quickly recalled style icon Clarissa Darling of Clarissa Explains It All.  I think she was ahead of her time with her headbands, layering, and fearless accessorizing. 

If Clarissa was 13 in 1992, she'd be 31 now and since I'm in a silly mood I made up my own Where Are They Now update.

Clarissa is a journalist (those bedroom newscasts were good practice), but focuses mainly on the art and fashion scene.  She has a style blog and is a freelance contributor to Lucky magazine and Bazaar.  She still loves to layer and mix colors, even when meeting with an editor. 

On the weekend, Clarissa goes vintage shopping with her friends and sometimes out to bars with her brother Ferguson.  They got over their fights and like taking photos together.

 And finally, yes, Clarissa married Sam.  However, it's a new relationship.  They grew apart in college, lived with other people, and then ran into each other at the grocery store while at home for Thanksgiving.  A reunion dinner led to drinks and now they go to a new restaurant every weekend.


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