Friday, August 20, 2010

Good idea?

I've mentioned before that in my new house, I get my very own office/workout/TV room.  I'm really excited and want it to be fun and cheerful, but I don't have tons of money to spend on my vision.  Since I'm not up to painting yet and the carpet is beige, I want some fun curtains.  I am currently in love with this duvet from West Elm.  The red will tie in well with this huge vintage movie poster I have and I think the pattern is elegant in a crazy way.

My idea is to get a twin duvet cover ($49 and 86" long) and rip the side seams and cut it so that it creates two window panels.  I think if I iron the cover enough, they'll look ok and the end with the buttons would be on the floor behind my desk.  Then, if I tire of them, I can make pillows.

What say you?  Good idea or likely to fail?  The material isn't thick, but I could line it with my extra Ikea curtains.  I've been searching for a while and everything that I like is $89.50 per panel so this would soothe my guilt at wasting $180 on curtains.

I think I will head over to West Elm at lunch today and do some scouting...


  1. Just curious - did this work?

  2. It did! I did another post showing the finished product - they're still hanging in my office. Thanks for stopping by!



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