Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Reader Request: Evening Wedding Guest Dress

Last week I wrote about how you don't need several dresses to wear to afternoon weddings, and the same goes for evening events as well.  Despite the season, all you need is a classic shape and a dressy fabric.  You want to stay away from cotton and anything that looks like you might wear it to work, but you don't need to buy a new dress for every wedding you're invited to.  Here's how you can style two kinds of dresses for evening weddings in warm or cold weather.  Once again, I'm staying away from black dresses and I'm also not showing anything long. 

I like satin when it's not tight and not too short.  I think this silvery gray dress looks great with sandals and adapts well to tights, a wrap and closed toe shoes when it's cold out.  The one shoulder cut and waist band will look good on a lot of bodies and isn't very bridesmaid-ey.

 If you prefer to cover up a bit more, a cap sleeve dress like this lets you wear a regular bra and you won't look out of place in a the summer.  The color can be worn all year and adding gray accessories will bring it into fall and winter.


  1. What store is the gray dress from?

  2. It's a UK store, but cheap even with exchange rate:

  3. Wow! Good Wedding Guest Dress stuff, do inform us when you post something like this! Thank you.



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