Thursday, August 5, 2010

My battle against beige

I'm super excited to have my own office/gym/be by myself room at the new house.  It has a floor to ceiling bookshelf for my books and picture frames and plenty of room for my desk and a workout area.  However, it's a whole lot of beige walls with tan carpet that we won't be replacing for another year or so.  That means I need to find the right rug to jazz it up and keep it from becoming depressing.

My budget is low, and I want something that pops but not too crazy that I can't use it somewhere else one day.  I've been looking at some of the ones below and will hopefully be able to order something this fall once we're married and settled and I can devote more time to the house.

So far, the large rug on the bottom right ($139 at Target!) and the red zig zag are in the lead, but I change my mind a lot. 

Which is your favorite?  Or can you help me find a modern green rug that doesn't look like it belongs in an old lady's house?


  1. Red zig zag or the bottle left! Those are my favs!

  2. wow, bottom not bottle-its too early!!

  3. I feel your pain with the beige. When we moved into our current house, every surface was painted beige. It has taken me three years to paint every room. I am done with beige! Now we are moving into a house where everything is painted green (trim, door, walls). I think I might have a green overload. To top it off, all the floor tiles are beige too! No money in the budget for new tiles but Ill be playing with different paint colors.

    When do you move? I hope you are able to show some pictures of your new digs and the decorating you do!

  4. I officially move in 2 weeks, but we get married on 9/25 so I've promised to focus on the wedding before going nuts with decor. Knowing me, it'll be done the week after our honeymoon because I can't stand for things to look half finished :)

    I want to paint some rooms, but N thinks my ideas are weird and lots of work so it'll be a lot of compromising for sure.

  5. This might sound silly, but here's something to consider:

    You mentioned that you will use the room to exercise in as well. Do you do yoga? Cardio? Will a rug with a zig zag pattern be distracting? Will red be too harsh of a color?

    Just my two-cents..for what it's worth ;-)



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