Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Reader Request: Shoes beyond 5 to 9

A couple of weeks ago my friend Sarah asked me to do some searching and find sources that carry shoes in extended sizes.  She has tiny feet and doesn't want to wear shoes for children, and another friend wears a size 11 and wants more than four options.  Challenge accepted.

Petite Feet
I think has the best selection of shoes in any size, but I was surprised to see 4,714 styles in sizes 4 and 4.5 (seriously!)   Some of the options are a little pricey, but definitely grown up and not intended for kids.  I like ECCO for dressy shoes (around $100) and another brand called Pleaser, which definitely makes shoes for strippers, offers some options under $50 that aren't too ridiculous.
If you wear a size 5, you'll be happy to see that Aldo offers 42 pages of totally grown up shoes in your size.  The prices range from $30 to over $100 and cover a wide variety of styles from clogs to flip flops to sexy evening pumps.

For those that do wear kids sizes, Sperry offers lots of Girls styles that don't look much different than the adult versions.  I like the gladiator sandal and soft leather ballet flat for every day.

Jessica Simpson (via
The Jessica Simpson line for girls also features some pairs that look like they're meant for women.  The sandals look most adult, but the boots aren't bad and I know those are hardest to find in sizes 3-4.

More than a 10 (again)
Once again, Endless is the best source for large size shoes as well.  There are 26,078 pairs in sizes 11-12.5 alone!  The prices range from low to reallllly high, but there's definitely a variety of styles to be found in large sizes.  I was happy to see that AK Anne Klein offers lots of pretty, good quality shoes in sizes 11+ for under $75. (again)
Aldo comes through again and offers hundreds of shoes in sizes 11 and larger (50 pages worth!) There are great options for work and evening, many under $50

 J. Crew
If you can afford it,  J. Crew offers most of their shoes in size 11 and many of them in size 12.   Sign up for their emails and watch the sale page for deals and final sales.
Like Endless, but with less junk.  There are 910 pairs in size 11 and 204 options in a 12.  Here are a couple of pairs for under $50 in a size 12

Hopefully this post was helpful - I certainly learned where to look for shoes!  If you have a request please send it over and I'll work on a post.



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