Tuesday, October 26, 2010

DIY Cubicle Makeover

Last week my company moved to a new office.  It's a big change from our previous office, which was fun and colorful with art all over, and is mostly beige and covered in unfortunate doctor's office-esque textured wallpaper despite being built a few years ago.  I know we'll whip it into shape very soon, but I needed quick results.  Needless to say, this was not an adequate workspace for me:

I knew the walls of beige needed to go, so I headed down the street to Ikea in search of some affordable fabric and straight pins.  There were tons of options under $8 per yard and I was about to cut my fabric when I saw a sale sign next to a display of curtain panels that were about 5'x8' and made of thick cotton with silver grommets.  At two for $19.99, I knew I would not find a better deal.  I chose these (big surprise considering my teal obsession)

And 25 minutes later, I had this:

I began pinning one of the curtains to the top of the panels behind my computer and then cut off the excess from beneath the desk and secured it to the panels under the overhead bins.  The second curtain covered the wall to the right of the chair (most of it is a dry erase board, so another set of panels would be needed if you have an entire fabric wall)  and the wall next to where I stood taking the photo.   I also picked up the graphic black and white pillow at Ikea for $12.99 and will be adding a fun 4x6 rug as soon as I find something cheap enough.

What else could I do that's both cheap and temporary?  I'm thinking some kind of fabric cover for the overhead bins (they're plastic).  I'll share an update if I add more to the space, but until then I'll be assisting my coworkers with their own curtain makeovers.


  1. Shelf paper for the overhead bins. You can get some great patterns.



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