Monday, October 18, 2010

Postcard + Coasters = Better than I expected

When I registered for glass photo coasters at Crate and Barrel, I knew I probably wouldn't put actual pictures inside.  I like to add color to the living room wherever I can, so I began trolling Etsy for some sort of bold print that was not too expensive to cut up and on a small enough scale to look nice in a 2x2 inch opening in the class. 

Luckily, I discovered the Ragamuffin Press shop on Etsy.  The artist, Beth Schaible, creates beautiful letterpress cards and books (and really gorgeous paintings on her personal website) and I instantly clicked 'Add to Cart" when I saw the bright yellow chevron patterned postcard for $3. 

Once it arrived, I grabbed a ruler and some scissors and 10 minutes later I had a set of coasters that I'm really happy with.  And if I get tired of the yellow, I'll buy a new postcard and start over again!


  1. Great idea! I really ought to find some patterend paper to put in my mine -- they still sit empty!

  2. You could buy a sheet of fancy wrapping paper from Paper Source or Papyrus - it's about $4 and you'd have enough left over to be a mat behind a picture. That's my next plan... :)



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