Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Surpisingly affordable - Bring Home Ballard

If I had my way, I'd have gorgeous designer pieces in my house and show off the rooms to anyone willing to look at them.  However, decorating becomes much more difficult when your entire budget for a room is less than price of an average area rug and you're cursed/blessed with taste that doesn't skew cheap. (For example, I hated the results of most Trading Spaces rooms.  Homemade sofas?  No thanks.)   Luckily, I love a shopping challenge and have learned that even more expensive lines can have a great sale every once in a while.

Ballard Designs, one of the brands I'd love to have more of, has made it easy for me with their Bring Home Ballard section.  Basically, all the items are priced to sell quickly.  Here's a few gems that may make you consider bookmarking the page:

Librarie Bookshelf - $99

Garden District Mirrors - $149  (I want three of these so. freaking. bad.)

Personalized Christmas Stockings - $25  (I love how they look like elf shoes!)

Fleur De Lis Shopping Tote - $12  (I have one of these bags w/ my monogram and they're really big and super sturdy)


  1. I have the green shopping bag AND the libraries bookshelf at our home! (our tastes must run the same!) The bookshelf is very well-made and I love how it looks different from a typical bookshelf and can function as a side table or entryway piece. It also helps you if you like to decorate with books!

  2. I have that ballard designs green bag with my monogram and I love it. Its so cute :)

  3. I got the monogrammed tote for my bridesmaids and it was a hit! I got one for myself too and I love it. It's the perfect bag for carrying stuff to work.



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