Thursday, October 7, 2010

Things that look expensive, but aren't

It turns out that when you and your husband get sick on your honeymoon and you're in a Seattle hotel room, you have lots of time to play around on your laptop and find stuff to buy online (but you refrain because you're responsible and just threw a wedding). 

Here are some of the items I found that will make it look like you spent a lot more than you did.

Gray Bubble Necklace
I have an identical necklace and I wear it all the time.  Strangers come up to compliment me on it and it's identical to one that J.Crew sold for $150.

Elegant Touch Throw Pillows
I hate thinking "oooh that pillow is awesome" and then clicking to see that it's $89.  These pillows look like they're really high end and are about half the price of similar designs on Etsy and in boutique stores.

Sunburst Wall Mirror
As you've probably noticed, sunburst mirrors are having quite a moment this year and most of them cost $149.99.  This one is $33 and offers the same look.

Picasso Drawings Print
I found this framed print at Ikea and thought it would look great in a modern room and it's nicely matted and framed, especially for $39.99
Vera Wang Mock Layer Cardigan
I saw this in person and it looks very well made and would pair nicely with dark jeans and boots or with a pencil skirt for fall.
Target Skylar Jacquard Dress
I think this dress would do the trick if you've got to go to a wedding and need something fancy but won't wear it often after that.  The color is dressy and with the right jewelry and shoes, it could look pretty luxe. 



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