Friday, October 15, 2010

Where are they now: The Tanner's

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It's Friday and I felt like writing another fun post, so I played around in Polyvore and decided to keep the Where are they now? series going with DJ, Stephanie, and Michelle Tanner.  Here's my take on what they'd be doing and wearing now:

DJ Tanner
DJ went to college in Boston (class of 1999 since she was going to prom in 1995) in an attempt to take a break from her giant extended family.  After graduation she got a job as a TV producer in New York, but 9/11 made her realize she missed being around everyone and she moved back to San Francisco.  She and Steve didn't stay together through college and she ended up reuniting with Vipor, her old musician boyfriend who played at the Smash Club.  They live together, much to Danny's dismay, in a small apartment in The Mission and she likes wearing very casual, but still conservative outfits to her job as a producer for Good Morning San Francisco (Danny and Becky's show was canceled after 15 years)

Stephanie Tanner
Stephanie is 27 now, working a collection of jobs in Los Angeles along with the occasional commercial and small guest role on crime shows like CSI.   She dropped out of college in 2002 and decided to pursue acting instead of degree.  So far it's not going well, but not bad enough for her to move back to San Francisco and get a day job.  Her style is very hippie/beachy/chic and features lots of clothes DJ didn't want anymore. 

Michelle Tanner
Michelle is 23 now and just graduated from Stanford (the school that rejected DJ) with a degree in English.  She tries to get freelance writing work and is working on a novel about a huge family without a mother, but currently works for a high end wedding planner in San Francisco.  She's really stylish, thanks to her job and Aunt Becky, and spends all her money on expensive clothes by The Row.


  1. This post was so fun! Thanks for putting it together. :)



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