Thursday, October 7, 2010

Style from Seattle

Last weekend N and I arrived in Seattle for the last leg of our honeymoon and I was looking forward to doing some shopping since the city is known to have lots of modern, chic boutiques.  We rented a car one day and (eventually, after getting lost) hit up the Ballard neighborhood that the internet promised was full of cool shops.  My sweet husband was very patient and followed me from store to store while I looked for things for our house that would fit in my already 48 lb suitcase. 

My favorite store by far was Camelion Design - it's like the owner jumped into my head and found things I needed and then put it all in one big room.  If I had more money and a way to get stuff back to Texas, it would have been crazy.  Here are some photos from Yelp... I didn't take any myself, but they're similar to what was in stock this week.

My favorite purchase was something small that I couldn't wait to get on my dining table (which is ridiculously easy to scratch, don't get me started on that):

These steel gray felt place mats look awesome on my table and were only $6!  The matching coasters were only $2 each.  I haven't been able to find them online, but if you're in Seattle go check out Camelion Design!



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