Monday, October 11, 2010

Pick a room, any room... all are gorgeous!

A while back I posted about how I keep a file on my computer called Decoration Inspiration and shared the images in an album on my Facebook page.  Well, that file is about to get a whole lot bigger - for those who haven't noticed, Lonny magazine has added a gallery of rooms to their website and they are all so pretty and full of touches that I plan to copy (with cheap things from Homegoods and Etsy).

Take a look around - what living room would you like to live in?  Leave a comment and share.  My favorite is this one:

My new couch pillows are actually made from a different colorway of the mod floral print fabric, but more on that later...

There are galleries for rooms throughout the house and I can't wait to go through each image and drool over the gorgeous fabrics and furniture.  Perhaps that can be worked into my weekend? 


  1. Oh man!! All so gorgeous but this is my favorite: If I wasn't single then I would ditch the pink go with something more like this:



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