Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Dream Bedroom Blog Swap: Lily from Gold & Gray

Hi ! Lily from Gold & Gray here to share my Dream Bedroom while Haley is sharing hers over on my blog. Haley and I thought it would be fun to design our Dream Bedrooms since our real life bedrooms are not quite as fabulous as these (because of boys and budgets)! It was so much fun going through the endless number of design sources and designing the (slightly girly...ok maybe really girly) bedroom of my dreams!  How gorgeous are the quartz lamps? And I love the artwork with a touch of pink mixed in!

What is your favorite part of your bedroom?

Thanks so much for having me Haley! And be sure to check out Haley’s Dream Bedroom over on Gold & Gray !



  1. My favorite part is definitely the bed! :) LOVEEEE that painting! Actually I love everything. Going to check out her blog now!

  2. Ohhhh loving the lamps! Those are awesome!

  3. I love that bed and stools!!! Heading over to check out haley's!

  4. I love the bed, stools and side tables--those would be in my dream room too :)

  5. those pillows are amazing. love the gray and the pattern!

  6. Those darn boys and budgets!!! They aren't my BR's friends either (c: But that fabulous upholstered bed and me are desperately wants to come live with me (c:

  7. What a fun idea! You have great picks - I love that print. Can't wait to see Haley's room!

  8. I love the bed, the stools and the gorgeous artwork! All great selections!




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