Friday, January 18, 2013

5 Things Friday

Good morning!  I hope all of you have had a great week.  I'm pumped to have a three day weekend full of time to read books and host a garage sale on Saturday morning for a friend who is moving away.  (If you're local to the Irving, TX area and want to come buy our stuff, send me a note and I'll give you the address.)

Before I do that, here are 5 things worth sharing on the internet:

1. I am making these today:  you just need a box of Little Debbies, white chocolate, and cinnamon.  Recipe via The Domestic Rebel

2. Everything about this outfit makes me happy.  I am kicking myself for giving away my black circle skirt a couple years ago!

3. Isn't this pretty?  I know it's not cool to be a copycat and label someone's art as a DIY... but I really do think I could do this with some paint and masking tape.  Perhaps I'll make my own version in our fancy new bathroom.

Source: via Haley on Pinterest

4. This week I totally fell in love with the blog A Storied Style, which showcases the work of Dallas area designer Grace Mitchell.  Her recent room reveal contained a great idea for creating an evolving gallery wall, and I think it would be so cute for someone with kids.  Or someone like me who changes their mind a lot.

5. Yesterday Katie and Regan over at Cardigans & Couture wrote a great post with lots of resources for plus sized fashion that aren't limited to sensible basics or old lady blouses.  I was excited to see that Nordstrom carries a line called Mynt 1792 and there are some really great pieces!  I'm loving the teal bomber jacket and this one with the zipper detail.

 And with that, I bid you good weekend!

P.S. Thanks for all the great comments this week!  I ordered several wallpaper swatches and am assembling an ankle boot outfit.


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