Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Resolutions: 2013 Edition

Hi.  Remember me?  That blogger you used to visit back in 2012.  Yeah, my plan to post over the holidays didn't pan out because I was so busy reading books and hanging out that I never felt like sitting down with the computer.  And I loved it.

Now that we're starting fresh in a new year, I thought I'd take a look at the resolutions I made last year and see how they panned out (in the spirit of accountability on the internet) then document a few more.

A year ago, I resolved to do the following:

Make more real-life friends who blog (perhaps by attending a conference?) - Check.  I attended the Texas Style Council conference in March and made some great blogger friends.  I learned a lot, though the most valuable takeaway was that other people care about their blogs way more than I do and I cannot compare myself to someone who spends literally 500% more time on theirs.  Managing my own expectations was a bonus benefit.
Wear everything in my closet or get rid of it - I give myself a B.  I got rid of a lot of clothes this year, even some that I technically still like, but didn't wear.  However, I still have a very full closet and a lot of the pieces don't see daylight as often as they should.

Take an amazing, we-don't-have-kids vacation - Done.  Two weeks in Italy with my love was a great break.  We plan to take another trip this year an every year that we can going forward.  Travel is important for my mental well-being, and we'll sacrifice in other areas so we can keep seeing the world.

Restore my (paying) job to something I enjoy doing once again - This was hard.  I did end up leaving my previous job after 5 years, and have a new one that I enjoy so much more.  However, my actual career path hasn't changed and I'm still unsure what I'd want to do all week that will generate income.  (Blogging is not it)

Keep making progress on my fitness, and eventually perform proper push-ups- Check!  I can do a couple of proper push-ups before I collapse.  I can do lots more girly push-ups on my knees, and have spent about 5-7 hours per week in the gym since July when I switched jobs and got rid of my 30 mile commute.  Now I have lots more muscle tone, but probably about the same amount of fat, although I'm less lumpy but not much smaller.  I'll take it, though.

Make reading for pleasure a priority - I was all over this one.  I think I read about 20 books in 2012, and have about a dozen sitting on my nightstand in a to be read stack.  There's nothing I enjoy more, and I'm so happy to have restored to habit of reading before bed.

Put my marriage first - I made progress here, but not as much as I should have.  Cutting back to 3 blog posts per week was a big help, although I'm still guilty of paying more attention to the Pinterest app on the iPad than the guy sitting next to me on the couch after work.

And now for the 2013 list:

Be a better friend - I have lots of wonderful friends that I rarely see, and this year I will be the first to try and turn text messages into actual in-person plans.

Be braver with clothes - I could definitely be less lazy in my own outfits, and mix things up instead of repeating the same combinations as often as I do.  This starts tomorrow!

Keep working out, but eat better - Since I turn 30 this year, having kids is a hot topic and I want to do all I can to get as healthy as I can be and maintain a lifestyle that's realistic before we make any big changes to our family.  I can kick ass at super healthy eating for about 8 weeks at a time, and this year we will be keeping the processed junk out of our bellies (but not the weekly glass or two of wine... let's not get crazy) and not making changes that aren't feasible for the long term.

Be present - I love me some iPhone and internet, let me tell you.  I keep tabs on Facebook way more than anyone should, and when you throw in blogs, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter it can get out of hand.  However, I need to be better about focusing on my actual life and living it instead of consuming content hour after hour.

Totally doable, right?  If you read this novel that I mostly wrote for my own benefit, what are your resolutions?


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