Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Things I'm Afraid Of: Ankle Boots

My personal style has evolved by leaps and bounds since starting this blog in early 2010 (Can you believe I've written almost 800 posts?!  Should I be proud or horrified at so many hours spent internetting?)  I've gone from a uniform of jeans, cardigans, and ballet flats to so many other types of outfits and accessories.  I even wear skinny pants, y'all.

However much progress I've made, some trends still befuddle me a bit.  I recently scored a great pair of ankle boots at Macy's (where they are 60% cheaper in store - don't fall for their internet tricks!) and they're so comfortable.  I love them, and they keep my feet warm and dry while also making me appear to be of average height. 

P.S. The photo angle makes the sole appear much more obvious than it is in real life.

I wear my boots with dark wash bootcut jeans that almost skim the floor and fitted sweaters or button downs and great necklaces.  It's cute and very flattering.  However, it appears that everyone else wears their boots like this:

Source: via Jen on Pinterest

I just don't think I can pull it off.  I've got giant feet (size 9 - 9.5) for someone who's not quite 5'4" and I'm so reliant on an exposed ankle bone to offset the width of what's above them and hint at some daintiness to my muscle-ey legs and duck feet, that anchoring them with a chunky boot makes me feel weird.  However, I swore that lots trends weren't for me, and now my taste has evolved to realize that slim cut pants look great on most everyone (when they fit well) and there are very few necklaces I can't pull off.

Am I being silly here?  Should I make myself pair the boots with a skinny pant or dress and just see what happens, or does anyone else agree the trend can look a little odd and unflattering to the leg line?

These are the kinds of things that weigh on my mind sometimes... first world dilemma, indeed.

P.S. It has been forever since I've gotten any reader requests!  If you have a dilemma, please drop me a line and I'll see how I can help.


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