Friday, January 25, 2013

5 Things Friday

Happy Friday, ladies!  Even though this week was a short one, it was busy and I'm looking forward to some down time.  This weekend I'm hoping to try some new recipes, finish a book and start a new one, and spend some time with friends I don't see.

Before that, here are five things I deemed worth sharing on the internet:

1. Is there anything chicer than dark flare jeans that almost skim the floor and a cropped jacket?  I think not.  I'm so glad they're coming back in a big way!

2. Last week's truffles made from Little Debbies were a huge success!  This week, I want to make these homemade Butterfingers with candy corn (if I can find it), peanut butter, and chocolate coating.

3. I love this picture of Zooey D. and it is making me waver in my decision to grow out my sideswept bangs.  It's so hard!

Source: via Haley on Pinterest

4. I am obsessed with these tiny little animals by a UK based shop called Manomine.  I seriously want one for my desk at work and every day I would look at it and squeal and bring it everywhere for photo ops like Flat Stanley.

5.  Three times this week I've felt suddenly overwhelmed by all the content available to me and I want to experience it all.  I have a huge stack of books waiting by my bed, four unread magazines on my coffee table, a couple of unfinished e-books on my Ipad, and literally a hundred blogs in my Google reader that I would love to keep up with.  Couple this with my love of television, especially HBO and Showtime programming, and the hundreds of movies at my disposal and it starts to feel like I'm never going to get to everything I want to do. 

The point of this rant is that I'm going to start a new ritual in my life and give myself half an hour a day to pick one thing and focus on it and enjoy it.  No more skimming blogs and not leaving comments because I'm too lazy to decipher your Captcha and am also watching 30 Rock.  (Side note: Please disable the captcha unless you are just inundated with spam.  Disqus is so much more user friendly!)   I'm going to get lost in the work of talented people again, before I became so scatterbrained.  Who's with me?!

And with that, I bid you good weekend!


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