Monday, March 4, 2013

House Talk: Wallpaper and Chairs

Good morning!  I hope all of you had a great weekend - mine was pretty uneventful, just as I intended.  I finally watched Argo (so good!) and spent some quality time discussing the next of our house upgrades with my husband.

As you know, I have trouble committing to a decision when it comes to my house.  And since we haven't started our bathroom renovation yet (my husband wants to finish our garden and some of his carpentry projects first), I keep looking around and finding new things I like.  Like these wallpapers:

Or, since the star wallpaper is so expensive ($198/roll for Osborne & Little) I'm also considering trying to paint the wall and then stencil a similar star.  If it goes badly, I can still cover it with paper right?  This color is a frontrunner:

We're also in the market for new dining chairs, since my quartet of 1940s vintage chairs is at the end of their life until someone (who is not me) repairs and refinishes them.  I want something with a mid-century feel, and it's so hard to find options that are not going to run over $400 each.  

Here are some options I've found.  Know of anything else I may like?

I know the nail head option sort of comes out of left field, but I still like the shape and they look comfortable, which my husband insists is the problem with every option I pick.

If you know of any good sources for wallpaper and furniture like this, please let me know!


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