Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Reader Request: Vegas Vacation (with Brad Paisley!)

Can I just say that I seriously enjoy writing all of your reader request posts?  It makes me feel like I'm helping people, and playing stylist is so fun.  However, this week's request is by far one of the coolest that I've gotten!

Amanda is heading to Vegas for her husband's birthday, and they'll be attending an Academy of Country Music Awards party hosted by Brad Paisley!  I'm a huge fan of Brad (we're on a first name basis thanks to all the hours spent together in my car) and had a lot of fun making these outfits for Amanda since we're the same size/shape and it was like shopping for myself.

Here's my idea of country chic, with varying degrees of casualness depending on the event:

Look 1:  Theory Nev Dress  |  Boots ($55!)  |  Turquoise Necklace

Look 3:  J.Crew Denim Shirt |   Haute Hippie Lace Mini (I saw it for $40 at Nordstrom Rack this weekend!)  |  Kate Spade Cross Body Bag (the perfect size!) or an affordable alternative from Nine West

Look 4:   Lace Tank (similar for $12)  |  Joe's Jeans Petite Provocateur (on sale at Macy's)

I love cobalt blue and turquoise jewelry, and I think it's a little more casual than classic black, which makes boots or playful fringed heels a viable option.  Both dresses are made of fluid jersey, which will be comfortable and forgiving in all the pictures Amanda and Brad will take.

Then, for daytime, few things say 'sexy country girl' like creamy lace and denim, which CAN be achieved without looking like you dance on poles at night if the hemlines and necklines hit in the right places. 

For what it's worth, I'd pick looks two and four for myself.  Can I please come with you, Amanda!?


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