Thursday, March 21, 2013

Things Every Girl Needs: A Crossbody Bag

Now that spring is upon us, all thoughts turn to planning our summer vacation.  Or is it just me?  I spend an inordinate amount of time daydreaming about getting the heck out of America for a week or two, and have decided to drag my mom along with me for her first international trip this year.  We haven't made firm plans yet, but one thing I do know from past experience is that a crossbody purse is a travelers best friend.

You can keep your hands free for pictures and shopping as well as make it harder for pickpockets to grab your stuff.  However, it can be tough to find a good one if you want to carry a normal size wallet, cell phone, camera, and anything else.  I use a Coach swingpack for the bare essentials, but after my last trip I knew I wanted to get a medium sized bag that would hold more without allowing me to carry around tons of stuff.
Luckily, there are lots of stylish options to be found and some even have $50 price tags.  I did a lot of digging, and came up with these options:

I'm trying a new option for sharing items instead of Polyvore - let me know what you think!
See any you like?  I really want one of the Vince Camuto bags with the grommets, but realistically I think the Aldo options are just as cute and only $50!  I like the taupe one with the tassel (bottom of the grouping) but that red looks so fun!
Now, let's talk about New Girl (if you're into that)!!  Spoiler alert if you haven't seen Tuesday night's episode...
 How hot was the end of that episode?!  No, it was not as dreamy as "the kiss" but Nick actually yelled for Jess to take her clothes off as he cleared a dining table with a sweep of his arm.  That doesn't happen often.  Then it was silly, but that's how the show is.
I know some people aren't a fan of the coupling, but I like how the writers are handling it (gradually, without allowing either character to lose his or her true self and become a caricature).  And, the thought of them getting together makes me giggle and clap my hands while watching as though we were watching Ross and Rachel or Pam and Jim.  It's been a while since there has been such a good TV almost-couple.

Look how cute they are:


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