Monday, March 18, 2013

Quick Share: Happy Chic by Jonathan Adler is at JCP!

This post may be at bit hypocritical because one of my blogging pet peeves is when people rush to re-post widely available content, like every photo in the March issue of Lonny, or the new spring arrivals at J.Crew.  However, I really think that not everyone realizes that you can buy Jonathan Adler's new line, Happy Chic, at JCP.

So, breaking news:  You can!! The prices are reasonable (but don't expect Target-level cheap, though), the items are cute, and I have no idea whether they're well made or not since I haven't been to a store with a display.  However, I have ordered the blue greek key shower curtain for $30 and will let you know how it looks in person. 

I think Ron Johnson is slowly but surely making JCP a place that we (the coveted demographic of ladies with good taste who buy things often) want to shop although his insistence that America was ready to understand that sales are a trick was a huge crash and burn.

Here are my favorite pieces - what are yours?

This dresser is my FAVORITE.  If I ever have a baby Cardigan Junkie I am ordering it straight away because it would go so perfectly with a white crib and then eventually a cool big kid room.  Or, I may convince my husband that we need it for our own room (less likely).

Finally, this chair (and an ottoman) just scream Emily Henderson to me.  I love it, but don't know where I'd put it.

Have you seen any pieces in person?  Do tell!


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