Thursday, February 4, 2010

Deal of the day: Shop it to me

If you watched my interview (you have, right?) you know that I'm a big fan of Shop It To Me, an online newsletter that compiles sale items from brands you like in the sizes you specify.  I watch my inbox on Monday and Thursday mornings in case something especially great goes is on sale in limited quantity.  (FYI - I did not buy 4 of the same BR clutch to keep for myself.  The news cut off the sentence where I said I gave them as gifts throughout the year.)

Today's email had several tempting deals that I thought I'd pass on to the rest of you since I'm on a self-imposed shopping hiatus after the Macbook purchase.  I've made y'all a work outfit.

Note: These could sell out by the time I click publish.

$39 Denim Pencil Skirt from J. Crew

$89 Leather Riding boots from Nine West

$12.99 Luxe Crewneck from Gap

Happy shopping!


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