Thursday, February 25, 2010

Weekend packing in 10 minutes

I used to be one of those girls who packed a bag and shoe bag and a backpack to go away for two days.  Now I pack basically the same thing every time and am done in 10 minutes.   So to answer the question "How is that all you're bringing?", this is what I pack for a weekend with family (like I should be doing right now): 

Dark wash jeans - hemmed to wear with flats
Dark gray layering tee
Black layering tee
2 Bright cardigans
Black hoodie
T-shirt for around the house
Black ballet flats
Black leggings
Knit dress for the car ride
Chunky silver necklace and bracelet

Basically, your base layer (jeans and fitted tee) is the same each day no matter what.  If you end up going out shopping or to dinner, you put on the jewelry and a cardigan and the ballet flats.  If you end up just hanging out at home, you've got the hoodie and the converse.  And for the ride home (or in case you get dirty somehow) you have the leggings outfit that doesn't take up much room.

I'm going to put those things in this bag now.  


  1. I know you don't really travel for work, but, maybe you could use your skills to come up with what to have/pack for a business trip that lasts either a week or 2 weeks?? I know I'm always frustrated that I have to pack so much.



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