Sunday, February 21, 2010

The difference between trend and costume

I consider myself fairly fashionable.  Most of what I wear, while classic, looks like it could have been purchased this year.  However, a lot of the trends this year and last are less about colors and accessories (i.e. 2009 was the year of the scarf) and more about a theme like nautical, lumberjack and safari.  I refuse to look like I put on a costume to go to dinner and don't think my outfit needs to look like I could be going to work and then setting sail afterward.

On Friday I decided to try the nautical look to see how I liked it.  However, for me nautical means navy and white in the same outfit rather than espadrilles, stripes and epaulets.  I felt very preppy and will probably wear it again, but not with navy stripes and shoes made of straw.
               Me                                                    Them

Next, I think I'll try the safari/utility trend.  However, since khaki has a way of washing out those with fair skin (especially me) I will stick with olive green on top and wear khaki as a skirt.  I think a flack jacket and cargo pant is a little too much for one outfit (I still love you, M+O)

                            Me                                                   Them

However, if you are looking for some safari/utility pieces, there are a lot on sale at Gap right now.  I can't wear a thin shirt dress with cargo pockets but I'm sure a lot of you could pull it off with wedge heels and the right jewelry.  Happy shopping!


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