Friday, February 5, 2010

Shopping for other people: Babies

I think shopping for babies is fun because I tend to ignore registries full of equipment and buy things I think are adorable.  Lately, I'm into handmade items from and thought I'd share some of my favorite sellers so you, too, can give the gift that everyone fawns over.

Here I've purchased personalized onesies and bibs for those who make the baby's name public ahead of time.  The image below is actually of a onesie I had made for one of my client's twins.  The prices are very resonable and you can combine shipping on multiple items.  She also makes lots of cute big brother/sister tees.

This seller offers a lot of silhouette appliques in custom fabric.  She offers a big selection of dogs, which I ordered for a friend whose dog was her baby before she actually had one.  You can also get appliques on tote bags and canvas to hang on the wall.  I got a good deal on a set that included a onesie, bib and burp cloth in a fabric I selected, and the gift wrap is adorable. 


This seller offers a wide range of screen printed tees and onesies.  I got a great deal on a set of Biggest Bro/Big Sis/Baby Bro tees (the retro mod series is my favorite!) and they too come in some very cute gift wrap.  They'll make for very cute hospital photos!


I haven't ordered from this seller (yet) but the next time someone I know is having a girl I will be ordering one of these precious little beanies.  I think the prices are reasonable for something hand crocheted ($22) and they are so much cuter than those awful head bows people stick on their babies.

These make me want a baby... almost. ;-)


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